This is where I get to toot my horn a bit. It’s where I could tell you how star spangled awesome I am and how I’ve helped thousands who were completely hopeless become hundredaires in one day.

Or how those hundredaires – became thousandaires using my free training and experiences.

That’s what I could do – but how exactly does that explain us – and more importantly, how does that help you?

Sure, you might get inspired – but if you’ve searched the interwebs at any length, you’d find those folks I’ve helped gain their independence and freedom.

And since this is – after-all – the ABOUT page – It’d probably be a good place to tell you a little about me/us.

Where It All Began

Way back in 1977 or maybe 1978 I did my first business. I sold rocks from a little table on the side of the road. Since then I’ve been mostly self employed.

But when I became a hot dog vendor, it seemed everyone of the people I knew locally wanted to do it too. So I helped them get started and to save time I made some videos and posted on YouTube.

From that grew LearnHotDogs.com and the Hotdogcartstore.com

I now spend most of my time helping vendors and soon to be vendors.

I would have never guessed it be what I’d do. And more – I’d of never imagined having the passion I have for helping others obtain real freedom and independence through vending.

I absolutely love it.



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